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Detailed Selection guide for horizontal electrophoresis apparatus
Features of horizontal electrophoresis apparatus

  Sleeksub   gel size 7(w) X 5, 10, 15(l) cm.   max wells 120
  Gelmariner   gel size 10(w) X 5, 10, 15, 20(l) cm.   max wells 240
  Greyhound   gel size 15(w) X 5, 10, 15, 20, 25(l) cm.   max wells 495
  Submariner   gel size 23(w) X 5, 10, 15, 20, 25(l) cm.   max wells 770
  Greywhale   gel size 30(w) X 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30(l) cm.   max wells 1288
  LigoGel   gel size 2.8(w) X 8.5(l) cm.   max wells 4

  Refer to Komet for single cell electrophoresis and CA / Slide electrophoresis in the
  Special Equipment section

Detailed Selection guide for vertical electrophoresis apparatus
Features of vertical electrophoresis apparatus

  Microkin   gel size 8.5(w) X 7.5(l) cm.   max wells 26
  Monokin   gel size 8.5(w) X 12(l) cm.   max wells 26
  Midikin   gel size 16.5(w) X 16(l) cm.   max wells 52
  Macrokin-S   gel size 18.5(w) X 18(l) cm.   max wells 60
  Macrokin   gel size 18.5(w) X 24(l) cm.   max wells 60
  Minikin   gel size 10(w) X 12(l) cm.   max wells 64

  Komet   Apparatus for Comet assay   16 slides
  NoAir   Anaerobic chamber   For tubes, flasks, cell culture
  Rocker Shaker   Single tier   For flasks, petri plates, cell culture plates, gels etc.

  Mono-strip   Single CA strip   3 slides
  Bi-strip   Two CA strips   6 strips
  Tri-strip   Three CA strips   Nine slides
  Quadra-strip   Four CA strips   12 slides

Detailed Selection guide for Gel viewing and documentation systems
Features of gel viewing apparatus

  Hand Held Illuminator
  l x b   4 Watts 2 UV tubes
  Hand Held Illuminator
  l x b   8 Watts 2 UV tubes
  Gloworm-2   window size 15 X 10 cm   8 Watts 2 UV tubes
  Gloworm-4 mini   window size 10 X 10 cm   16 Watts 4 UV tubes
  Gloworm-4   window size 15 X 10 cm   24 Watts 4 UV tubes
  Gloworm-6   window size 18 X 15 cm   36 Watts 6 UV tubes
  Gloworm-8   window size 25 X 20 cm   64 Watts 8 UV tubes
  Gloworm-10   window size 25 X 25 cm   80 Watts 10 UV tubes
  GelViu   Gel documentation system   64/ 80 Watts 8/ 10 UV tubes

Detailed Selection guide for Electroblotting apparatus
Features of blotting apparatus

  Microblot   gel size 8 X 5 cm   2 gels at a time
  Midiblot   gel size 8.5 X 9 cm   2 gels at a time
  Technoblot   gel size 10 X 10 cm   4 gels at a time

Detailed Selection guide for Power supply
Features of power supplies
Available with or without timer.

  Electragel-100   Best suited for the smaller range of
  horizontal and vertical apparatus
  300 V, 100 mA
  Electrapage-200   Best suited for large horizontal and
  vertical apparatus
  500 V, 200 mA
  Electracomet   Best suited for Komet, blotting and other   
  horizontal apparatus
  200 V, 500 mA
  Electraprime   Best suited for large blotting, horizontal    
  and vertical apparatus
  200 V, 500 mA
  Electrafocus   Best suited for vertical apparatus   1000 V, 100 mA

TechnoSource range of apparatus
are manufactured in India.