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Features of Vertical Products

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Leak Proof
● No leakage of upper tank buffer as silicone gasket is tough and resilient.
● Buffer leaks from plastic joints prevented as sticking is done with special glues.
● Leak-proof sealing using agarose in lower tank trough and slotted spacers

● Breakage resistant Teflon combs, spacers and fibre-glass notched plate
● Electrodes do not break as they are thick and platinum is > 99.9% pure.
● No electrolytic corrosion of male connector as base is resin filled.

● Run upto two gels per side
● Short and defined run times as gels can be run at constant current.
● Can be run in the refrigerator due to its small footprint.
● Saves reagent and operator cost as leakage and errors are prevented.
High Resolution
● Sharper bands because of thin glass plates and deep cathodic tank, which ensure that the entire gel-sandwich is in contact with buffer
● Low positioned electrodes stir buffer to cool gel-sandwich plates
● No artefacts as gel sticks to spacers; the electric field is uniform; and the gel cooling is effective.

Error Minimization
● No slippage of gel sandwich due to in-situ gel casting
● Migration of samples in wrong direction prevented due to unidirectional feature
● Wells not formed at a slant as combs sit well levelled on spacers

● Multichannel pipetter compatible combs available.

TechnoSource range of vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus
are manufactured in India.