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Terms and Conditions for warranties
1. The product carries warranty against manufacturing defects, for a period of one year/three years from date of purchase depending on the product model. We will attend to manufacturing defects in the product free of charge on the terms and conditions mentioned hereto.

2. The manufacturing warranty is on ex-works basis unless confirmed otherwise by us in writing. The product will have to be brought/ sent to our authorized service centre. Service if required on site is provided for some products if an agreement to this effect has been entered by the customer and approved by TechResource, otherwise service under manufacturing warranty is not available at buyer’s place

3. The manufacturing warranty does not include installation, demonstration, and commissioning of the product at site. The manufacturing warranty does not include transit loss or damage to the product once it leaves our factory as the prices are on ex-works basis

4. The warranty becomes void in case any unauthorized person has tampered with or attempted to repair the instrument

5. It is essential to go through the operating manual provided with the instrument before using it, as any negligence on the part of the user will also make the warranty void. In case the operating manual is missing, please contact us.

6. The warranty does not cover parts that are subject to wear and tear like spacers, combs, clamps, screw, filters, electrical cords and wiring, fuses, rubber parts, glass parts, etc.

7. The liability with respect to manufacturing warranty is restricted to repair/ replacement of the product at our discretion subject to the terms stated above and does not cover any other losses whatsoever arising due to non-functioning or failure of the product

8. The manufacturing warranty becomes void for electrical products in case the user does not provide adequate capacity and quality of electrical line, proper capacity and quality of stabilized voltage and proper earthing.