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● Reduced probability of burnout
● Instantaneous voltage stabilization
● Can be used in low voltage and high current applications

● Small foot print due to low EMI radiation of transformer
● Voltage and current readings can be viewed simultaneously due to the independent displays
● Four outputs in parallel. Run four apparatus at once.
● Very low heat dissipation. Can be placed in a cold room or cold cabinet without affecting temperature.
● No shock from accidental contact with single output due to high insulation between primary and secondary windings of transformers
● Short circuit proof due to special motherboard design
● Four apparatus of similar resistance can be run simultaneously
● Reduced maintenance and repairing cost as low probability of burnouts and short circuits
● Less than 10% dissipation of energy as heat.
● No active cooling needed, hence no moving parts which may need to be replaced.

Power supplies from TechnoSource
For all types of Electrophoresis and Electro-blotting.
These power packs are compatible with most standard Equipment.