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Gel-Sandwich Opener
For separating notch plate and rectangular plate
Description Cat. No. Unit
  Gel-Sandwich opener 61-30257 Piece

Agarose dispenser
For filling agarose in the slot provided in the spacers. For vertical electrophoresis apparatus
Description Cat. No. Unit
  Agarose dispenser for filling slot in 1.5 mm spacer 62-36182 Piece
  Agarose dispenser for filling slot in 1 mm spacer 62-36201 Piece

Gel Slicer
For Horizontal gel electrophoresis, Breakage resistant
Description Recommended for apparatus Cat. No. Unit
  Gel slicer, 6.5 x 15 cm Sleeksub 63-05150 Piece
  Gel slicer, 9.5 x 20 cm Gelmariner 63-05200 Set
  Gel slicer, 14.5 x 25 cm Greyhound 63-05250 Piece
  Gel slicer, 29.5 X 30 cm Greywhale 63-05300 Piece

Niche Cleaner
For cleaning gel gripping niches in horizontal electrophoresis
Description Cat. No. Unit
  Niche cleaner 64-06075 Piece

Electrical Cords
With male and female connectors, Designed for user safety.
Description Cat. No. Unit
  Electrical cords with male and female (2mm) connectors 66-40122 Piece
  Electrical cords with male and female (4mm) connectors 66-40124 Piece
  Electrical cords with gold plated male and female (4mm)
66-41122 Piece

Gradient Maker
Triple barrel, leak proof plunging stopper, accommodates a magnetic spin bar.
Volume per chamber Recommended for apparatus Magnetic fly length Cat. No. Unit
14 mL   Monokin, Minikin ≤ 10 mm 67-50167 Piece
22 mL   Midikin, Macrokin, Macrokin-S ≤ 14 mm 67-50207 Piece

Levelling Tables
Novel penta-legged design for compactness, With spirit level, Easy to level, Stable, will not wobble
Size Recommended for apparatus Cat. No. Unit
21 X 21 cm   Microkin, Monokin, Minikin, Sleeksub, Bi-strip, Technoblot 69-41219 Set
23 X 31 mL   Midikin, Macrokin, Macrokin-S, Gelmariner 69-41319 Set
28 X 45 mL   Greyhound 69-41459 Set
38 X 52 mL   Greywhale 69-41529 Set