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      For single cell comet assay
      For DNA and protein separation (with accessories)

        - Removable buffer circulation cassettes
        - Inbuilt levelling mechanism

        - Can be used for DNA and protein separation
          (with accessories)
        - Buffer requirement:950 mL

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        Further details about Comet Assay can be obtained from the links below:

        Principles of Comet Assay
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              Comet Assay India (Introduction)
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              Book - The comet assay for DNA damage and repair

              Full reference list (under construction)
              Comet Assay India
              O. Ostling and K. J. Johanson (1984), BBRC
              N. P. Singh, M. T. McCoy, R. R. Tice, E. L. Schneider (1988), ECR

              TechnoSource recommended protocols (under construction)
              Comet Assay India

        List of Software
              Internal link (under construction)
              Comet Assay India (Free software)
              Comet Assay India (Paid software)

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Komet - Horizontal electrophoresis apparatus
for comet assay / single cell electrophoresis and agarose slide electrophoresis.