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Features of Blotting apparatus

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Efficiency of Transfer
Hi-fidelity of transfer as large open surface areas in cassette frame allows unhindered passage of current
Short transfer times as low resistance to passage of current due to cassette frame design and sponge quality

No buffer leakage through plastic joints as bonding is done with special glues
Electrodes do not break as they are thick and platinum is >99.9% pure
No electrolytic corrosion of male connectors as base is resin filled

Error minimization
No migration of samples in wrong direction due to unidirectional migration feature
No wrong assembly of gel sandwich as engraved markings and unidirectional insertion prevent mistakes
Besides western blotting, Southern and nothern transfer of bio-molecules from fragile (agarose) gels possible as innovative cassette design prevents crushing of gels

Less requirement of buffer
Short run times as better efficiency of transfer current
No cold room required as it can be run in the refrigerator due to its small foot print
Saves reagent and operator cost as leakage and errors are prevented

TechnoSource range of Electro blotting apparatus
are manufactured in India.