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Features of Horizontal Products

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Leak Proof
● Buffer does not leak from plastic joints as sticking is done with special glues.
● Crazing of plastic is minimized as high quality plastic tolerates short exposure to cleaning reagents used in RNA analysis.

● Electrodes do not break as they are thick and platinum is > 99.9% pure.
● No electrolytic corrosion of male connector as base is resin filled.
● Metal screws do not break with extensive usage.

Error Minimization
● Closely spaced wells do not break as comb stand will not move sideways during comb withdrawal.
● Samples do not migrate in wrong direction due to color coding and uni-directional migration feature.
● Sample migration is always straight as comb stand and tray are aligned and locked in place.

Sensitivity and Resolution
● UV-transparent tray gives enhanced sensitivity of DNA detection
● Improved band resolution as wells can be cast near the starting edge for longer running length

● Saves reagent and operator cost as leakage and errors are prevented.
● Run larger number of samples per gel.
● Can be run at higher voltages for faster separations.

● Multichannel pipetter compatible combs available.
● Comb height can be adjusted.
● Gels do not slip out in gel gripping tray.

TechnoSource range of horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus
are manufactured in India.