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Check out our new TechnoSource logo. The change is to keep up with our changing identity as a brand.

The thick border signifies that we will ensure protective care of all our equipment, even years after we have sold them.
The 'S' represents a sprinter, tracing the spirit of the brand, dashing forward towards the future.
The stacked horizontal lines on the left represent outputs from our most popular products, the electrophoretic bands.
Very soon all our equipment and marketing material will shift over to the new logo.

Our products are getting better and better. We now give a three year warranty for all our products. Please read our terms and conditions for full details.


Our newly launched casting stand for vertical apparatus has the ability to seal gel cassettes without the use of agar or agarose.
The casting stand includes a gasket which provides a snug fit to the cassette and this enables a quick, trouble free, gel casting system.

Featured products

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Horizontal Electrophoresis

We make a wide range of Horizontal instruments for gel size 7 X 10 cm to 30 X 30 cm.

Vertical Electrophoresis

We make a wide range of Vertical instruments
for gel size 8 X 7 cm to 61 X 24 cm.

Special Equipment

Apparatus for Comet assay - Komet; for paper electrophoresis - BiStrip ; for anaerobic culturing - NoAir

Gel Viewing Equipment

Chose from our UV transilluminators or
Gel documentation systems

Electroblotting apparatus

Range of apparatus with different sizes for
western, northern and Southern blotting

Power Supply Range

Choose from our range of power supplies that suits your need

Please refer to our terms and conditions