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    Technical specifications for


        - Square design
        - Accommodates
                - Petri plates
                - 6/24/48/96 well plates
                - test tubes
        - Additionally accommodates 100 mL flask with
            hydrogen and CO2 generating reagent
        - Body made of O and CO impermeable plastic
        - Clamp for attaching pouch containing the
          catalyst on underside of the lid

        - Internal dimension: 14 (w) x 14 (l) x 18 (h) cm
        - Vacuum cum pressure gauge: -30 to + 15 psi

        Ready to Use system includes:
    1.   Chamber with internal dimension 14 (w) x 14 (l) x 18 (h) cm
    2.   LId with vacuum cum pressure gauge and air valve
    3.   Gasket for leak proof sealing
    4.   Valve connector with tubing
    5.   Instruction manual

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