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      Cat. No. - 15-00000   (Microblot, Ready to use system)
      For western blotting
      Gel size: 8 (w) x 5 (l) cm

        Features of Microblot system:

        - Single cassette
        - Uni-directional insertable cassettes and
          electrode plates

        - Uni-directional migration
        - Transfer one or two gels at a time
        - Buffer requirement: 450 mL

        Ready to Use system includes:
    1.   Tank
    2.   Lid
    3.   Gel & membrane holding cassette with guide pins, stoppers and locking nuts insertable in only one manner
    4.   Two sponge pads
    5.   Cathode and anode plates insertable in only one manner, with electrodes for uni-directional migration &
          male connectors (2 mm)
    6.   Electrical cords with female (2 mm) & male connectors designed for user safety (1 pair)
    7.   Instruction manual

Download Microblot brochure pdf

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Microblot - Blotting Apparatus
For transfer of Mini gels.