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      Macrokin- Gel size: 18.5 (w) x 24 (l) cm

        - Single sided, runs one or two gels
        - In situ gel casting
            Casting stands with binder clips is available for
            external casting
        - Designed for effective gel cooling
            Unit can be cooled further by water circulation ports
            provided in a customized Macrokin.
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        - No sample loss in uni-directional migration model

        - Gel thickness: 1/ 1.5 mm
            Or custom made to run preparative gels
        - Wells per gel: 23/30
            or custom made as per your specification
        - Buffer requirement:900 mL
        - 10% SDS-PAGE run in 2 hr 30 mins
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        Ready to Use system includes:
    1.   Lower anodic tank fitted with male connectors and
    2.   Cathodic electrode unit for in situ gel casting fitted with male connectors and electrode
    3.   Resilient silicone gasket for cathodic electrode unit
    4.   One notched and one rectangular glass plate
    5.   Two 1.5 mm thick, breakage resistant, slotted spacers
    6.   One PTFE comb (1.5 mm thick, 23 wells, est. vol. 112 µL/well)
    7.   Set of clamp with screws
    8.   Agarose dispenser for filling slot in spacers
    9.   Gel-sandwich opener
    10.   Lid
    11.   Electrical cords with male and female connectors designed for user safety (1 pair)
    12.   Instruction manual

        Additional items, accessories, modifications etc:
    1.   Cooling systems for Macrokin
        a.   Additional unit to cool the buffer by water circulation ports
        b.   Additional unit to cool the buffer by ice tray or gel pack
        c.   High external tank to contain larger amount of buffer for cooling
    2.   Extra set of spacers combs and notched glass plate to run two gels at a time
    3.   Combs with 30 wells for running more samples per gel
    4.   Safety lid with attached electrodes for safe operations
    5.   Gel-casting options available
        a.   In situ gel casting (can be done within the ready-to-use system) - sealing with agarose/ agar
        b.   Gel caster with binder clips - bottom sealing with agarose/ agar
        c.   Agarose/agar free, tape-free casting stand
    6.   Penta-legged levelling table with spirit-level
    7.   Glass plate stand

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Macrokin - Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
For Macro Vertical Gels.