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      Komet - For single cell comet assay
                   For DNA and protein separation (with accessories)

        - Removable buffer circulation cassettes
        - Inbuilt levelling mechanism
        - Can be used for DNA and protein separation
          (with accessories)
        - Buffer requirement:950 mL

        Ready to Use system includes:
    1.   Lid
    2.   Tank with two dual male connectors per electrode and a
          levelling arrangement
    3.   Two trays with slot to lift slides [each of size 21 (w) x 9 (l) cm
          for 8 slides] and made of breakage resistant plastic
    4.   Two buffer distribution cassettes marked ‘Withdrawal’ and
          ‘Deliver’ with attached tubing connectors
    5.   Two connecting cords (each with one male and two
          female connectors)
    6.   Instruction manual
        * Peristaltic pump to be ordered separately

        Additional items, accessories and modifications:
    1.   UV-opaque trays of different widths and lengths
    2.   UV-transparent tray with gel gripping design, with different
          widths and lengths
    3.   Extra comb stands and combs to cast gel with multiple combs.
    4.   Fixed height combs (To be used without the comb stand. These
          require slotted trays)
    5.   Gel-casting options for tape free casting
        a.   Gel-casting stand
        b.   Gel-casting blocks for casting gels of variable lengths
        c.   Gel-casting dams for casting gels in the tank
            (requires modified tank)
        d.   Trays with silicone gaskets at the ends to cast gels in the tank
        e.   Trays with slots to fit plastic dams with silicone gaskets
    6.   Combs of varying thickness (1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm)
    7.   Penta-legged levelling table with spirit-level
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Komet - Horizontal electrophoresis apparatus
for comet assay / single cell electrophoresis and agarose slide electrophoresis.