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Item Description Cat No. Unit
    Komet, ready-to-use system 07-00001 System
    Peristaltic pump with variable speed, bi-directional continuous operation, LED display
    and timer, flow rate: 14-450 mL/min
07-02100 Unit
    Trays of breakage resistant plastic (combined size 21 (w) x 22 (l) to accommodate
    16 slides (2 No.)
07-03091 Set
    Connecting cords, each with a male and two female connectors 07-40225 Pair
    *UV-transparent tray of gel gripping design [gel size 20 (w) x 22 (l) cm 07-02202 Piece
    *Comb stand with positioning pins and metal screws for adjusting comb height 07-07193 Piece
    *Comb, 1 mm thick, PMMA, 30 wells/202 mm 07-09301 Piece
    *Comb, 1.5 mm thick, PMMA, 30 wells/ 202 mm 07-09302 Piece
    *Comb, 2 mm thick, PMMA, 30 wells/ 202 mm 07-09303 Piece
    *Gel slicer, breakage resistant, 13.5 (w) x 30 cm 63-05300 Piece
    *Niche cleaner 64-06075 Piece
    *indicates accessories for using KOMET for DNA and protein separation

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    Technical Specifications

Komet - Horizontal electrophoresis apparatus
for comet assay / single cell electrophoresis and agarose slide electrophoresis.