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    Gloworm - 8

      Window size 25 x 25 cm

        - UV-transparent diffuser window
        - Chromafilter to improve contrast of
          fluorescent bands and filter UV-light
        - Switch for dual intensity
        - Compact trapezoid dark viewing hood
        - Negligible photo-bleaching and photonicking of DNA
        - Sensitivity 1 ng per band
        - 366 nm UVA is less hazardous to retina and skin
          than 302 UVB

        Ready to Use system includes:
    1.   Housing unit with a diffusing UV-transparent window
    2.   UV-protective cover
    3.   UVA-tubes (8 tubes)
    4.   Compact trapezoid dark viewing hood with
          removable binocular chroma-filter eyepiece
    5.   Instruction manual

        Additional items, modifications etc :
    1.   Compact trapezoid viewing hood with ports to access
    2.   Camera attachment
Download Gloworm-8 brochure pdf

    For further information about Gloworm-8 please visit


Gloworm 8 - UV transilluminator
With eight 8 W tubes for viewing large agarose gels.