- Electragel-100 - Power packs

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      Output range upto 300V, 100 mA
      Cat. no. 24-00100

        - Four sets of output terminals
        - Can be used in a cold room or incubator (-10°C to +50°C)
        - Dual mode (CV and CC) with auto crossover
        - Independent digital displays for mA and volts
        - Output voltage & current can be set to any desired value within range
          (resolution 1 mA, 1 V)
        - Noise and vibration free
        - Light weight aluminium body with handles provided for portability

      Safety Features
        - Outputs protected against short-circuiting
        - Over-voltage trip circuit to limit electronic
          component damage
        - Automatic recovery after power failure
        - High insulation resistance and isolation

      Technical Specifications
        - Voltage input: 230V rms, 50 Hz, single phase
        - Voltage Variation: +10%, -15% fo nominal AC input voltage
        - Frequency: 47Hz to 53Hz
        - Transient suppression provided
        - Fusing and ON/ OFF switch on front panel
        - Voltage Output: 0-300V, Current output: 0-100mA DC
        - Output is fully isolated from input
        - Voltage adjustment continuous 0-300V through ten turn potentiometer
        - Current adjustment continuous 0-100mA through single turn potentiometer
        - Mode of regulation CVCC with LED indication for CV/CC mode of operation
        - Line regulation better than +/-0.25% in CV mode & +/-0.5% in CC mode
        - Load regulation +/-0.25 for no load to full load variation in CV mode,
            +/-0.5% for change in zero to max output in CC mode

        - Ripple & noise: 100mV rms max. 20Hz-20MHz in Cv mode & 5mA rms max. in CC mode
        - Automatic overload & short circuit protection with self recovery upon removal of load
        - 3.5 digit voltmeter and ammeter (independent display)
        - Isolation:
          ~ 2.1KV AC for 1 min between AC input & DC output terminals
          ~ 1.5KV AC for 1 min between DC output terminals and chassis
          ~ Insulation resistance > 10Mohms @ 250DC between output $ chassis
        - Operating temperature range between -10°C to +50°C
        - Humidity tolerance upto 95% (non condensing)
        - Cooling by normal convection, venting at the bottom and sides
        - Dimensions of the body: 155 mm (w) x 250 mm (h) x 205 mm (d)
          [measurement excludes projecting knobs, handles and switches]
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Electragel - 100: Power supply from TechnoSource
For Electrophoresis and Electro-blotting.
This power pack is compatible with most standard Equipment.